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Kapatiran supports young people with foreign roots.n

Young people with roots in foreign countries face a variety of issues, including nationality, immigration status, language, relationships with parents, economic hardship, education, and marriage. I believe that at its root, and the most serious, is an identity crisis. When faced with questions such as ``Who am I?'' and ``Do I deserve to live in this society?'' they tend to lose confidence and often fall into a psychological crisis. This does not mean that they are inferior in character or ability. However, they have not built up confidence through experience. The cause of the problem is that children do not have sufficient experience of emotional exchange and sharing of joys and sorrows in parent-child relationships and friendships from childhood to student days. Through our activities, Kapatiran hopes to become a place where young people can share their hearts.

 Thank you for your support in Kapatiran's work to create a place for these children, help them attend school, and build confidence in their own identity.


God, you created all humans equal.

No matter our race or ethnicity, we are all children of God who are loved equally.

Please, even if things are difficult (difficult),

Please protect us so that we do not forget to love you.

In the name of the Lord Jesus ChristAmen

Kapatiran prayer


No.42 “Japanese learning support activities in Kapatiran”

​Director Kazuko Igawa

​KAPATIRAN TIMES is published four times a year.

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