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dinner party
Lunch Gathering

There are many students who eat alone in single-parent families, so they eat together.I hope you can feel the atmosphere a little bit. This is a place where high school students can learn from university students, consult with them about their career paths, and interact with other students.Alumni also participate from time to time.

This is a meeting where everyone eats lunch together.
Everyone will do the shopping, preparation, and cleaning up together.


Sunday    Time: Every 3rd Saturday of every month


Place    Place:holy savior church16-5 Fuyuki, Koto-ku, Tokyo

    St.Saviour Church 16-5 Fuyuki Koto-ku
Participation fee: Free for Free

*Due to the venue, the number of people is limited.
    We may have to decline your participation.

    Thank you for your understanding.


Due to the living and economic environment, it is extremely difficult for students with foreign roots to enter Japanese high schools and universities and continue their studies. In 2015, we started a grant-type scholarship program so that students can continue their studies with peace of mind.  

subject:ODA listhave roots in a foreign country

   High school, university student

Number of people: 6 high school and university students each

Period: 1 year

Required documents: application form, certificate of residence, proof of income (tax withholding slip), certificate of enrollment or copy of student ID, copy of previous year's report card, etc. Please check the terms and conditions for details.


summer camp

​Summer Camp




Get to Know Us

I will go camping at Lake Nojiri in Nagano Prefecture for 2 nights and 3 days.

Enjoy a relaxing time swimming, fishing, and canoeing at Lake Nojiri.

We will cook using vegetables and fruits from Nagano Prefecture.

Multicultural homestay


Get to Know Us

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